Admin Dashboard

The administrative dashboard consists of community metrics such as number of opinions shared, number of members, and member engagement figures. Additionally, the platform provides an engine to control member recognition, including badges, points, and leaderboards, as well as the ability to toggle integrated rewards fulfillment on and off.

Activity Creation

The platform offers the ability to easily launch any of the ten activity types. These activities can also be targeted to any group based on data from profile fields or any previous activity answer set.

Drag & Drop Survey & Logic Builder

The platform allows for drag and drop creation of surveys. The researcher can choose from the more than 30 survey question types and just pull them into the study. Logic is equally easy in implementation and is available in a variety of types including conditional, page/block level, skip, answer/pipe, and advanced randomization logic.

Grouping & Segmentation

Groups can be easily created from any data within the system. This can include profile fields and responses from any study.

These groups can be utilized for home use test recruitment, activities targeted to a subset of the community, and also to filter question results.

Rewards & Incentive Management

The My-Take platform takes the complexity out of incentive management through an integrated system. Companies can use pre established gift cards or create their own catalog. The system can also be driven off the member point system.

Member Management

The member management function is extremely powerful. Some capabilities include:

  • Member metrics
  • Permission/role management
  • Active/disable status
  • Points/badge management
  • Edit member accounts
  • Masquerade as user (for testing)

Custom Headers, Themes & Platform Settings

The platform allows for easy customization to create a visually compelling community that matches the company brand or desired community aesthetic.

Member Onboarding & Invitations

Integrated member onboarding. Easy to use whether recruiting from internal data sources or sample firms. Ability to simultaneously use multiple recruiting paths.

Built-In Communication Engine

The My-Take communication engine is integrated and includes metrics such as open rate. The platform includes the ability to send via multiple channels: email, sms, and voice.

  • Smart Reminders
  • Easy Templates
  • Send Email, SMS, VoiceMails, or PopUps

The platform also includes the ability to create email templates and schedule reminders for activities.