The My-Take Platform

My-Take provides an integrated insights solution with many capabilities, all rolled into one powerful yet simple platform.


The platform is built in a responsive design, allowing for user-friendly member interaction on mobile, tablet, and PC devices. It supports multimedia (photos and video) both to and from members. Additional features of the platform include enhanced member search filters, uCat™ analysis tool, CloudTheme™ visual display tool, member badge system, and activity segmentation. Key Highlights include:

  • Content management system (creation and scheduling activities)
  • Member management (onboarding, grouping, deactivating)
  • Full survey development tool (including complex logic)
  • Reporting engine (automated)
  • Communications module (email, SMS, and voice)
  • Member Recognition/Gamification engine (badges, points, leaderboards)
  • Dashboard with community metrics (opinions shared, engagement, number of members)
  • Integrated Rewards Fulfillment (can be toggled on)
Community Portal

A highly scalable, responsive community platform with an easily accessible design.

Member Communication

Templated contact through many channels encourages faster member engagement.

Activity Engine

With over 10 different types, including advanced survey capabilities.


Our built-in reporting engine displays real-time, actionable insights.

Activity Types

A powerful and varied set of activities help ensure community engagement and deep insights. Activity types include:

  • Surveys (comprehensive with advanced logic)
  • Polls
  • Discussions
  • Journals/Diaries
  • Idea Session (co-creation)
  • Collage
  • Mobile missions
  • Topics (deep dive qual)
  • Home use testing
  • Video chat


The My-Take platform integrates a real-time reporting engine for analyzing data and authoring reports. The reporting engine, which is permission-based, allows you to view results through “Live Report,” download raw data files, export reports, charts, and member videos, run crosstabs, and present information in lists, tables, word clouds, and more. Other capabilities include:

  • Smart summary algorithm
  • Modify/edit charts
  • Filter a report or chart by a group
  • Run correlation and significance testing
  • Share a report with key non-member, client stakeholders
  • Inclusion of representative comments, including profile pictures in reports
  • Open-end coding tool, open-ended themes tallied and presented in table or bulleted list
  • Word cloud engine


The My-Take platform offers powerful tools for community administration and activity creation.

  • Community dashboard/metrics
  • Member management
  • Points & badges
  • Member grouping/segmenting
  • Activity/survey creation
  • Member communication
  • Platform settings


My-Take prioritizes the security of our clients data, and that of members. Elements of the My-Take approach include:

  • All data stored encrypted in the database
  • All data encrypted in transit
  • Company data handling policy
  • All members must login with username and password


With our activity translation feature, you can add multiple languages to a single activity. Members will view the activity in their native language, while backend reporting tools will show results in the language of the report viewer for faster voice of customer integration. You can also add language overlays to the member portion of the community ensuring all elements of the community appear in the member's native language.