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Be in control and make faster, better decisions through continuous access to customer feedback and ideas, all from one integrated and innovative insight community platform.

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innovative insight community platform

Innovative Platform

The platform scales to accommodate large member counts if needed, adapts to the user device, includes native mobile activities, easily handles images and video, and includes a multitude of member engagement, analysis, and reporting tools.

superior platform value

Superior Value

We deliver the best overall value in the category. The combination of service culture, process, and platform automation creates incredible return for clients. The My-Take platform is always innovating to provide enhanced capabilities.

flexible research services

Flexible Service

A fast and flexible alternative to an 'agency' My-Take has been in the category for 14+ years and provides each client a team of insight community research experts regardless of service level. We offer DIY, hybrid, and full service market research support.

secure and encrypted insight community platform

Secure & Encrypted

My-Take prioritizes the security of our clients' data and that of members. Elements of the My-Take security approach include: Data encryption, company data handling policy, secure member login protocols, admin roles/permissions, and more.

Why My-Take?

My-Take is the smart choice for customer-first organizations looking to integrate VoC through insight community research.

Our advanced platform and team of insight community research experts deliver exceptional insights and support through a wide range of qualitative and quantitative skills, continual learning and a culture built on client focus, speed, and flexibility.

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The Smart Choice

Conduct more research at a faster pace and get the insights you need to drive your business forward.

Our proprietary insight community platform is industry recognized, highly scalable, secure, and offers the widest range of qualitative and quantitative tools for all research needs.

my-take insight community platform

The Smart Choice

Conduct more research at a faster pace and get the insights you need to drive your business forward.

Our proprietary community platform is industry recognized, highly scalable, secure, and offers the widest range of qualitative and quantitative tools for all research needs.

Trusted by Fortune 500 organizations

We work with some of the most successful companies, including several of the Fortune 500.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What are My-Take insight communities?

      An insight community is generally made up of a targeted group of stakeholders, usually customers, who are recruited into a private online environment to participate in a company’s or brand’s research-related activities on an ongoing basis. The purpose of the insight community is to secure actionable insights from customer feedback in order to drive business decisions.

      What are insight communities
  • How do I choose an insight community provider?

      Assuming you’re looking for a full-service provider and your goal for the community is to secure actionable insights for better and faster decision making within the organization, there are four main criteria that we recommend assessing: platform capability, research team capability, service approach, and overall value.

      Choosing an insight community provider
  • How many members are in a typical community?

      The total number of members needed in an insight community depends on your business goals, who your target customer is, and your overall budget. Generally, My-Take suggests that you aim for between 500-600 members in your insight community. Response rates and engagement will also play a part in this determination.

      Insight community scale
  • Should my insight community be branded or unbranded?

      An insight community will be valuable whether it’s branded or unbranded, and the choice you make is dependent on your needs and objectives. A branded insight community offers a transparency that can be useful for testing real campaign ideas and concepts. Unbranded insight communities are an opportunity to get feedback from consumers who aren’t familiar with your products and solutions. To decide what’s right for you, you need to first establish your goals and objectives for the community.

      Branded or unbranded insight community
  • How do I maintain engagement in my community?

      Maintaining engagement in an insight community requires that you first start by screening in the right members, clearly communicating the objectives of the community, and providing regular and meaningful content. Other considerations are how you approach and recognize your members.

      Maintaining insight community engagement
  • Should I use traditional research or communities?

      Most companies use insight communities because they are cost-effective, efficient, accessible, and they represent the way that customers often want to interact with companies. However, there are certain types of research projects that do require specialty research tools. An insight community can be a primary market research tool, while other tools could be used for some projects. Your community is a cost-effective, versatile, and flexible tool that can handle the majority of your research needs, as well as complement other efforts.

      Traditional market research or insight community
  • What makes a remarkable community manager?

      There are many different skills and traits that make up a great community insights manager, from passion, responsiveness, training, and communication skills. My-Take believes there are ten elements that make up a great community insights manager.

      Key traits of remarkable insight community managers
  • Are communities available in multiple languages?

      The My-Take platform supports multiple languages.

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